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  1. Hi Gregg,
    It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier!

    As promised, I’m sending you some information about our multi-planar indoor bike, the RealRyder® ABF8 Indoor Cycle, as well as some CrossFit Owner testimonials and more. If you’d like to try the RealRyder Bike, let me know. We have some at Montclair State University which I see is close to you.
    Here’s a link to, where you can learn more, and see the articulating bike frame in action on the home-page. Also, there are several videos on available on our YouTube Channel: RealRyderTV. Also, here’s an article written by Todd Galati, MA, Director of the Education Academy for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).
    Below my signature, I’ve included some testimonials from fellow CrossFit owners who are leveraging the bikes as an additional revenue stream and using it as a tool to recruit new members.
    RealRyder International LLC, which is headquartered in Santa Monica, has Bikes in 50 countries worldwide. RealRyder Indoor Cycles can be found in prestigious health/wellness facilities such as the Mayo Clinic, Canyon Ranch Resorts & Spas, Eau Spa Palm Beach Resort, as well as full-service clubs & leading franchise/licensed brands, including, Gold’s Gyms, YMCAs, World Gyms, Bodytech, TruFusion, Snap Fitness, **CrossFits, Infinite Cycle, to name a few. We also serve College/Universities and a variety of independently-owned multi-modality studios and athletic training centers. Our largest customer is the United States Military — from US Navy SEALs to the Air Force Academy to the Wounded Warrior Program, and everyone in between.
    Next Steps: We need to get you on a RealRyder Bike so you can experience it firsthand! Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll coordinate a trial.

    Thank you, Gregg!
    Jackie | direct #: 310-365-5141

    “The RealRyders have added a new dimension to our CrossFit box that no other cardio system could offer. The added ability of the core movements with the RealRyders encompasses many of the CrossFit foundational movements that are vital to perform throwing, lifting and gymnastic movements efficiently. RealRyders followthe CrossFit definition of “constantly varied, functional movements performed at relatively high intensity” by incorporating a multitude ways to move on the bikes. Many of our athletes will stay for back-to-back CrossFit WOD’s and RealRyder classes, giving us the edge over other boxes in the area.”
    -Jennifer Murray, Owner | CrossFit Justice (Michigan)

    “Selecting the right indoor cycle for our CrossFit has been a process of due diligence, research and countless conversations with all manufacturers. Price, quality and regional availability were among considered factors, while sales and after-purchase support ranked equally as high. Of all manufacturers we have been in contact with, RealRyder was the only company to come through on all criteria. The unique movement and proven physiological superiority of the RealRyder, which we saw as an added benefit to help us stand out from the indoor cycling crowd, simplified our purchasing decision. As a 10-year CrossFit affiliate in the Midwest, we feel that RealRyder is the perfect brand partner for us. Our decision continues to be validated by the RealRyder team themselves and all athletes who are amazed by how the bikes perform for them.”
    -Kate & Michael Jahnl, CrossFit Athlete Lab & Iron Cycle (Minnesota)

    “The past year has been so unreal for me and the catalyst to all of that was making the choice to go with ReaRyder®. I am so indebted to you guys for creating such an amazing product that I am proud to ryde each class. There is no way that choosing a regular Spinning® bike would have created the same success or contagious energy that my RealRyders have.”
    -Lisa Wisentaner, Owner, Nantucket Cycling & CrossFit (Massachusetts)
    –Jackie Mendes, Director
    REALRYDER® INTERNATIONAL LLC | direct # (310) 365.5141

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