Paramus | 6-11-19 | CF WOD


Bench Press 3×5

100m Single dumbbell overhead walking lunges 50#/35#
*5 Burpees at the start and every minute
**50 Burpees upon completion of the 100m lunges

Post results to Wodify.

Yeah…Lots of BURPEES! We know…you hate BURPEES but there’s good in the burpee, kinda-sorta. It works arms, back, chest, core, glutes, legs and also spikes your heart rate like a sprint. Still hate them? OK well, It’s a full body exercise working major muscle groups while improving your cardiovascular fitness and can be done anywhere. Are you sold yet? OK well, when the Zombie Apocalypse happens (and we don’t have weights, medballs, rowers, etc..) the burpee will be the one exercise to keep you fit enough to avoid being eaten by zombies. SOLD!
It’s a single arm dumbbell lunge between a 5 burpee EMOM to build overhead stability. Work to get those lunges completed under 10 minutes. When the 100m is completed immediately chip away at those extra 50 burpees. A front rack hold is a good alternative if you have overhead issues. Either way you will become zombie proof.