MONTCLAIR | 12-22-2018 | WOD

Tempo Press 3×8

4 Min to complete
200m Run
40 KBS
Max box jumps/push-ups

Rest 1 min
Repeat 3x for a total of 4 rounds
*Alternate jumps and push-ups each interval

2 Min rest between sets

How to Read a Tempo: 3 1 3 1
The first number is the Eccentric portion (descent) of the exercise, which is the load coming down. (ex. Squatting down, lowering of the body in a pull-up, etc.)
The second number is the Pause at the bottom (ex. holding the bottom of a squat, pausing at the chest on a bench press, dead hang on a pull-up bar)
The third is the Concentric (ascend) which is the weight moving up. In the some cases, in place of the third number you may see an “X” which means explode up as fast as possible, or an “A” which means assisted up.
The fourth number is the Pause at the top. For some movements like the squat, it is back to the start position, for others like the pull-up it is holding the top position with the chin over the bar.

Press @ 3131 X 8reps = 64 seconds of TUT (time under tension) per set

With this example we can see a few things:

1. It will be moderate to light due to the amount of reps
2. Force the athlete to press with control
3. Teach stabilization through the core
4. Increasing raw strength/hypertrophy