Nutrition Challenge

We are excited to host the inaugural Nutrition Challenge at Guerrilla Fitness Crossfit Montclair starting on September 24th and running through November 6th.

Over 6 weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from Registered Dietitian, Emily Field, in a group coaching experience both online and in person. You’ll be ditching some common trigger ingredients and replacing them with a well rounded balance of real, whole foods to look, feel and perform better.


It’s typical for people to think about nutrition challenges through the lens of what they’re giving up – in this case refined sugar, refined grains, artificial sweeteners, inflammatory oils, and alcohol. They tend to forget about the more important stuff: what they might gain from the experience and how they might make permanent habits out of the behaviors they practice.

Imagine graduating from a 6 week Nutrition Challenge and having the confidence to:

>> form simple, balanced meals from food you already have at home – no guesswork or wondering if it’s a good choice or not

>> walk past the vending machines, office treats and break-room munchies because you’re feeling calm, stable and totally in control of your cravings

>> eat out at restaurants and still stay on track with your health, body composition and athletic performance goals

>> choose the foods that work best for your body (think: gas, bloat, and other uncomfortables) because you’ve given yourself some time to experiment

If you’re ready to jump right in and reserve your spot – do that HERE and head to “CLASS SESSIONS”!


Your $175 investment in the Nutrition Challenge includes:

>> A Nutrition Challenge eBook, complete with the why to eat, what to eat, and how to eat more balanced, whole, real food meals. All the background and foundational information you’ll need to be successful in the Challenge is found in this eBook!

>> Access to a private Facebook group with other Guerrilla participants to serve as a place for daily motivation, inspiration, discussion and accountability throughout the Nutrition Challenge.

>> Weekly lessons + action steps that build on the foundational Challenge concepts and keep you progressing towards health, body composition, and athletic performance goals. You’ve probably felt pretty motivated in the beginning of other nutrition challenges (or detoxes or cleanses or “resets”), but then they easily go stale and you fall off the program. Not here! We’re breaking down inflammation, gut health, sleep, macros, and more over 6 weeks time.

>> Unlimited virtual access to a Registered Dietitian. Emily Field will take lead in the private Facebook group with nutrition education, tutorials, videos, recipe sharing, and discussion. Feel free to take advantage and pick her brain about anything nutrition while in the group!

>> Challenge-specific Pinterest boards. Need meal ideas? We’ve got you covered with TONS of Challenge-compliant recipes and meal ideas so you never get bored whole, real food combinations.

>> Pre- and post-challenge assessments in health, body composition, and athletic performance. This is NOT a weight loss challenge, but many people can expect to see some weight loss by following the Challenge principles. The Nutrition Challenge is built to help you improve on a number of lifestyle factors like energy, sleep, and cravings. Most participants will trim a bit of body fat and experience improvements in strength and endurance. We will want to capture ALL of those wins through assessments you take pre and post Nutrition Challenge.

So, if you’re ready to say, “HECK YES!”, to eating better with a Registered Dietitian as your guide, click HERE (and head to “CLASS SESSIONS”) to reserve your spot in the Nutrition Challenge.

Are you curious about what you could gain from participating in the Nutrition Challenge? Still wondering if it’s for you? Removing specific trigger foods – in this case refined sugar, refined grains, artificial sweeteners, inflammatory oils, and alcohol – and replacing them with whole, real natural ingredients eaten in “PFC” balance leads to a variety of benefits. Here are just a few that are common:

>> an end to mid-afternoon sugar cravings that have you white-knuckling through temptation.

>> fitting comfortably in your smaller jeans and cinching a notch (or two!) on your belt. Eating enough of the right stuff fuels your metabolism, and over 6 weeks, you can definitely see changes to body composition.

>> fewer blemishes, less ache in the joints, and reduced belly bloat. Refined, processed, and packaged food can wreak havoc on our guts – which can often mean skin, joint, and digestion issues.

>> consistent energy to fuel your workouts – no more oscillating between “sometimes I feel great!”, and “sometimes I feel lousy” on any given day.

>> quality sleep! Many Challenge participants cite getting to sleep and staying asleep is far better while following the principles.

>> better recovery from workouts because we hate to see sore traps and quads keeping you from being in the gym on a regular basis.


Lucky for us Guerrillas, Emily has helped hundreds of people learn to shape their meals in a balanced way so they can reap the benefits of stable blood sugar and lowered inflammation. These two factors are key to consistent energy levels, positive moods, improved mental clarity, a supported metabolism, minimized sugar cravings, and fewer hangry episodes.

And, bonus! If you feel like you’ve got weight or extra body fat to lose, this eating approach will absolutely jumpstart you in that direction.

Don’t delay! Get in the challenge by reserving your spot HERE and head to “CLASS SESSIONS”!


Listen, we know that your life doesn’t exist void of sugar and alcohol forever – but there is absolutely some power in making the decision to remove “trigger foods” from your environment for a finite amount of time. Learning to make meals without those ingredients, eat out and be picky about what you choose, shop differently, cope with stressors without your favorite foods to lean on – it’s healthy to practice all of that!

That is what the Nutrition Challenge is all about – plucking some trigger foods from your environment to see a change in how you look, feel and perform. It’s a jumpstart to healthy habits and total reset to better, more well rounded way of eating that you can carry with you FAR into the future!


We know you have questions so we put together a list of the most frequently asked here. Sign up early so you can get a sneak peek the Nutrition Challenge E-Resources! Do that here and head to “CLASS SESSIONS”!