Montclair 12/26/17


Strength Training
Pendlay row 3×10
Superset w/
3×10 Seated curl to press

Fitness/Performance Workout of the Day
Max Burpees over bar in 2minutes
Rest 1min
Max Box jumps 24”/20” in 2minutes
Rest 1min
Max Deadlifts 225#/150# in 2minutes
Rest 1min
Max Handstand push-ups in 2minutes
Rest 1min
Max Calorie Row or bike in 2minutes

Note: Result is total reps.

Post results to Wodify.



‘Reverse Tabata’
10:20 work/rest
Plank jacks/Plank hold (2 minutes)
Jump squats/Squat hold (2 minutes)
Bike/Row (4 minutes)
Supermans/Superman hold (2 minutes)
Sit-ups/Hollow hold (2 minutes)
Bike/Row (4 minutes)
Squats/Squat hold (2 minutes)
Dumbbell press/Dumbbell overhead hold (2 minutes)
Bike/Row (4 minutes)