Paramus 10/24/17


Strength Training
Thruster 1RM
or 3×5

Workout of the Day
40 seconds ON/20 seconds OFF for 15 minutes, alternate through:
Kettlebell squat clean thrusters 16kg/12kg
Calorie bike
Rope climbs

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GUERRILLA HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Plank jacks (20 seconds/0-:20)
Dumbbell lunging thrusters (40 seconds/:20-1:00)
DB box step-ups (60 seconds/1:00-2:00)
DB burpees (80 seconds/2:00-3:20)
Sit-ups (100 seconds/3:20-5:00)
Row (120 seconds/5:00-7:00)

Rest 3 minutes (active rest/7:00-10:00)
Repeat 2x for a total of 3 cycles.