Paramus 8/4/17


Strength Training
Back Squat 20RM

Workout of the Day
100 Push-ups
50 Slam balls
*200m Run at the start and every 3 minutes

Post results to Wodify.
GUERRILLA HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

5 minutes:
20/20/20 seconds
Squat hold/Air squat/squat jumps
T-plank left/T-plank right/Mountain climbers
Pulse lunge left/pulse lunge right/jump lunges
Hollow hold/Knee-ups/V-ups

Rest 1 minute

3 Minutes:
20/20/20 seconds
Arms/Legs/Full (Row or Bike)

Rest 1 minute

Repeat 2 x for total of 3 cycles.

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