Paramus 7/10/17


Strength Training
Strict press
2×5, 1×5+

Workout of the Day
Double unders (singles 3x)
Air squats
*10 Pull-ups after each set

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GUERRILLA HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

10 Seconds Bear crawl
20 Seconds Mountain climbers
30 Seconds Burpees
40 Seconds Air squats
50 Seconds Lunges
Rest 30 seconds. Repeat then 800m Run (6 minutes to complete).

At 12:00 mark:
10 Seconds Plank jacks
20 Seconds Renegade rows
30 Seconds Dumbbell burpees
40 Seconds Dumbbell squats
50 Seconds Curl and press
Rest 30 seconds. Repeat then 400m Run (4 minutes to complete).

At 22:00 mark:
10 Seconds bike (arms only)
20 Seconds bike (legs only
30 Seconds bike (all)
40 Seconds bike (legs only)
50 Seconds bike (arms only)
Rest 30 seconds then 20 calorie bike.

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