Montclair 4/21/2017


Strength Training
Push press 3×5

Fitness/Performance Workout of the Day
Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes. Alternate between:
5 Burpee pull-ups (3 Burpee Muscle-ups)
15-20 Push-ups (7-10 Handstand push-ups)
Max goblet lunges

Post results to Wodify.


2 minutes to complete each of the following:
15 Burpees/10 calorie bike
20 Squats/10 calorie bike
15 Push-ups/10 calorie bike
20 Sumo squats/10 calorie bike
15 Kettlebell swings/100m sprint
20 Lunges/10 calorie bike
15 Sit-ups/10 calorie bike
20 Ring pulls/10 calorie bike

Rest 4 Minutes
Repeat for a total of 2 rounds