Paramus 3/16/17


Workout of the Day
Teams of 5
Every minute on the minute for 28 minutes, rotate through:
Calorie Row
Kettlebell swings
Box jumps
Rope climbs
Burpees (together as a team)
Rest (together)

*Teammates each start at a station and rotate through each movement every minute for 5 minutes.
*Minute 5-6 teammates perform synchronized burpees.
*Teammates Rest together.
*Score Calorie Row and Burpees ONLY.

Post results to Wodify.

GUERRILLA HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Every minute on the minute for 24 minutes. Rotate between:
Max Bike
Max slam balls
Max push-ups

*At minutes 3,7,10,15,19, and 23, the group performs a static squat hold/plank together. Alternating squat/plank each round.