Paramus 11/21/16


Strength Training
Weighted push-ups or strict push-ups
3 x max reps

Workout of the Day
20 minute clock (no measure)
3 Deadlifts
2 Hang power cleans
1 Hand squat clean or hang power clean/front squat

*Start with an empty barbell
*Increase weight each set maintaining good mechanics
*Work towards a heavy set without dropping the bar

Post results to Wodify.

GUERRILLA HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Jumping jacks/mountain climbers/inch worms

Tabata: 8 sets of each exercise – 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest
Med-ball clean thruster
1 Minute rest
Med-ball russian twists
1 Minute rest
Med-ball squat press
1 Minute rest
Med-ball sit-up
1 Minute rest
Med-ball overhead lunge
1 Minute rest
Med-ball diagonal chop

Cool down

2 minute bike/row