Olympic Lifting Class at GF Paramus begins 4/6

This program is designed for both novice and more advanced lifters looking to master and improve their Olympic lifting technique, or as a short-term alternative fitness regimen to Strength Training or CrossFit classes. Whether you are an athlete or recreational lifter, there is no substitute for Olympic lifting to achieve total body, explosive movement. The complex nature of Olympic lifting, while exciting and fun, requires regular practice and a strong understanding of the principals and mechanics behind the Olympic movements. This program will help the novice lifter to develop better execution and understanding of the Clean, Snatch and Jerk. The focus will be on quality repetitions with light weights in order to ingrain correct movement patterns. More advanced lifters will work through a set program of skill work and increasing weights over time.

Location – Guerrilla Fitness Paramus
Sundays 11am – 12:15
Thursdays 6:30pm – 7:45pm
*This class is part of your GF Membership.

DSCN1673Coach – Summer Krasinski
Summer comes to Guerrilla Fitness having been involved in the field of strength and conditioning for over ten years as an athlete, coach, and college instructor. Her collegiate experience started as a scholarship student-athlete in track and field at Northern Arizona University. Post college, she spent one year running professionally overseas and nationally then transferred over to bobsled.  She was on the 2003 Women’s Bobsled Development team, training and living at the Olympic Training Center at Lake Placid, New York.



Summer currently competes in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

4th at 69kg Class 2010
4th at 75kg 2012
Best total 190Kg

She has also been coached by some of the best in the business:

James “Butch” Curry: National Champion, 1980 Olympian (Boycott)

Jim Schmitz: 1980,1988 &1992 Team USA Olympic Team Coach, Former President of USA Weightlifting, 1988-1996.

Shahin Nasirinia: 12 Iranian National Champion, World Champion in 85kg class 1999,1999 Asian Games Champion in 85kg class, 2 time Olympian.

Nick Curry: Olympic Weightlifting Director of Coaching Guerrilla Fitness and Fairleigh Dickinson University
PTA, USAW National Level Coach, CSCS, AOLC
Kiev Institute of Physical Culture and Sport – Naum Kelmensky Director  – LBH 1988 – 2000